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Welcome to my UNIqueVERSE.

Arrogant? Perhaps, but Electro-Magnetic Universe Theory firmly places YOU at heart centre of the ‘known universe’. An idea born from the scientific study of electro magnetism contained within a gas medium (Aether) in which a vortex-like torus system creates a point of singularity, You, a micro-toroidal creation, a UNIqueVERSE, frequency or tone, within a macro-toroidal entity we call The Universe [everything observable in our field], each of us a metaphoric orange in a grove of orange trees, living fruit of creation exploring the forest floor freely, other fruit still hanging from trees the stars above within ‘pith’ of our macrocosmic orange (firmament). Each orange a unique torus tone, a trinity combo of specific magnetic quality, strength of electrical impulse and the unique micro-climate across undulating slopes of the grove, so whilst the fruit is similar, each is a self-contained universe with potential to create new life infinitely.

Using the natural world as my teacher, building upon the research of many others I concluded that there must be billions of unique universes (oranges) interacting on the same plane of reality, a fractal within a metaverse. Think Russian nested dolls, smallest within largest without. Imagine a single cell within an orange, tiny by comparison to the whole, but no less orange than the whole fruit.

Not a lot of people have explored this theory too deeply, I have been, and now use this knowledge to empower the loving sovereign divine essence each of us emanate from [and return to it seems.

My name is David (Trinity4), I had a westernised childhood in Africa, went to war in Angola aged 19, lost faith in humanity and ‘God’, worked in local government in Westminster from 1994 until 2009, at which time I began a period of consulting to local authorities in London. My mother died quite suddenly in November 2011 following a short battle with MND. This was a wake up call for me, inadequacies of the medical and insurance industries laid bare.

In the year that followed I wrote ‘Battle on the Lomba 1987’, my account of three months front line action of mechanised warfare at the hot end of Cold War. Published in 2014 the book brought some acclaim and support which spurred me on to write a second book, perhaps on global religious conflict, very relevant at the time. So I began researching and discovered information that ripped my paradigm to shreds.

Then my firmly held Darwinian concepts were imploded and exposed for what they were, pseudo-scientific concepts or theories which I’d allowed unlimited licence shaping my world view due to the many times I’d heard them, repeated mantra-like by most eminent speakers on such universally significant matters. I was in my mid-forties and had long since given up following quantum physics to infinity and beyond their worm holes.

Oh, how complex things become when working to maintain a fundamental flaw in the status quo….

Here I explore themes, knowledge and life experience to learn, grow and share.
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