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The Temple of You

By July 7, 2022Body

The body is a vessel for your higher self, a container for your soul, the Temple of God, within God’s temple (macrocosm). Your body is not God, but rather the place where God/Source/Creator expresses in material form and frailty. We’re encouraged to keep a clean Temple. Doesn’t mean we never fling the doors open and celebrate life with a good knees-up, but then to clean up and resume good service/practise is essential.

Because body, mind and soul are a conjoined trinity it seems logical than one will inform, or deform, the other, so it is essential to seek balance in our approach to cleaning, healing and growing. Work on the Temple, but also ensure sturdy founding of mind and soul, for these are no less likely of decay in the material realm as the wellness prospects of an infant born into a fast-food family.

In the event your temple was built a long while ago, or it has fallen into disuse/disrepair, it is essential you give yourself a thorough health evaluation, set easily achievable targets to begin, and allow for all daily activities to maximise the potential for physical engagement.

Cleaning the Temple requires good nutrition, clean water, detoxification and parasite removal, among other good practises including frequent stretching, rest and recuperation.

I will explore these topics more deeply in other writings, but for now, the best we can do is to minimise and mitigate stressors.

Peace and wellbeing



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