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Not a snowflake, but like a snowflake -Younique

By December 12, 2022Body

You are not anybody, you are YOU, the most unique expression of the divine manifesting in glorious technicolour.

Sadly, we are birthed into a world of pins and needles. A world in which our caregivers and teachers have been misled and mistreated themselves. The implications on the divine YOU are as unique as the patination of a snowflake, each different, each susceptible to the ground upon which it lands, and the particular weather patterns of the environment.

Gaining a solid understanding of these particular formations and foundations is essential to maximising the full and amazing structure of each unique living man or woman.

Trinity Well being accounts for three key tenets of you, these are Mind, Body and Soul.

Contact David at to evaluate how I can assist you to maximise this life.

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