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This may seem incredible at first, but each of us is ‘made of light’ – “Stardust” according to mainstream science, but this is an oversimplification based on Einstein’s principles of Big Bang and Darwinian evolution. However, we are light, and light is, at its base level, a frequency, or perturbation, within a medium.

Without drilling too deeply into the ‘science’, it is apparent that each of us is a complex collection of vibrations and frequency. In a word, Harmonics. The natural world loves harmony and balance, while modernity thrives on dis-harmony and man-made innovation. which incrementally divorces us from known natural patterns of seasons, circadian rythym of day/night and, otherwise, ‘good-vibration’ foodstuffs genetically altered by corporate agriculture. These non-natural patterns and vibrations, over time, lead to dis-ease.¬†Add to this non-natural brew, a pinch, or more, of childhood trauma, and the divine-you is, inevitably, disturbed, diluted and definitely short on full & fun flavour intended by our creator. This lack of flavour results in all sorts of life complications, from depression to addiction, eating disorders, over-work, over-control or under-control of the world around you. Some of this manifestation of dis-ease can be addressed by physical activity or meditative practises, however, the root programmes and dissonant trauma, temporarily ameliorated and assuaged, remains, always waiting for a chink in the armour to express itself.

Understanding the nuance of frequency and vibration may be difficult at first, however we all feel the screeching blare of a passing police siren as physically dissonant, now imagine a silent siren, one that only your body/heart can hear, set off years ago, always at work causing a skewing or slowing of the music, doing constant and ongoing harm to your sound-system. It requires real courage to go beyond the temporary fixes and patches of drink, drugs, gym and shopping to get you back on track.

Andrea is a qualified ‘childhood trauma’ specialist, while David has 35 years experience of working with people to improve physical wellbeing and soulful wellness.

At The Shoreline we work on the whole picture, seeking to understand your challenges, from ‘stem-cell’ programme, to outward physical expression that ‘shows up in the mirror’ (The wo/man in the mirror).

Some clients need a combined approach, others work with David or Andrea separately dependant on their specific needs.

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