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Electrical systems need to be grounded to ensure they work correctly, don’t overheat or even, become hazardous to the user.

We are electromagnetic systems and yet most never consider the implications to their own health of life without frequent earthing.

walking barefoot, forest bathing and sun gazing a three vital techniques for remaining well grounded and dispersing harmful electromagnetic signatures common in the modern world.

Most people wear shoes outdoors, and while rubber is great at insulating electrical systems, it is at odds with keeping your feet firmly planted in the ground. Car tyres insulate us from the earth when travelling, great in an electrical storm, but not great for the storm within. And then, much of the day is spent indoors, with wi-fi and other EMF emitters all around us, including LED lighting and Bluetooth devices like Alexa constantly emitting electromagnetic ‘chatter’. Thus we live in a cacophony of static noise without touching the natural world around us, never offsetting the build-up of charges. Yeah, sure, we ‘get used to them’, just like a 3-legged dog adapts to life 1/4 less than intended.

Gardeners have a natural advantage, and most feel revitalised by a an hour or two in the veg patch or rose garden. Little wonder as this activity is mostly outdoors, in the sun (weather permitting), and in constant contact with the soil (soul) of the earth (heart). Yes, the advantage of physical movement cannot be undervalued here, however the more subtle process of discharging dissonant frequencies is oft overlooked and not accounted for by the medical fraternity (who are, for the most part, unaware of our true electromagnetic nature).

David can offer a full lifestyle review and action plan to mitigate and minimise the harmful effects of static build-up.

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